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Works are by William Clague, originated in Washington D.C. in November 1930, just one mile north of the U.S. Capitol.
American University, Washington College of Law, admitted to the bar 1956 and practiced law for 56 years.
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Mortice Tenon
.....being photographs of some of the paintings, models, toys, signs, stage props furniture and other things made over a period of more than fifty years. This is a small but representative selection of the total output.
image The paintings are all oil on canvas, mostly 20 x 24, all done from photos that were taken by me or by friends or family, There are 205 paintings as of November 2007, and only a few are shown here. Other paintings derived from historical photographs, or from other sources are not shown here. An exception to that is Lock 8 on the C and O Canal, which was done from a 1914 photo taken by the father of a friend.
signal terrace The miniature buildings and doll houses that we made are not toys, but accurate scale models of houses mostly in the Washington area. The facades of Signal Terrace were done from photos taken on visit to Boston about 25 years ago. They are facades-only models of four houses in the Back Bay area.
imge Stage props, including the Viking cart and Dragon were made for The Washington Revels. I have included images of a Battle Axe and May Pole as they were conceived in my sketchbooks.

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I was Newsletter Editor of the Art Association of Montgomery County (Maryland) from 2001 to 2003. In that capacity, I wrote many articles about various artistic subjects. Five articles are included here. Click on the article you would like to read:
Michelangelo da Caravaggio
The Greatest Art Heist
Copies and Forgeries
Russian Ikons
Joseph Mallord William Turner

image Toys were originally made for my daughters, with their help, as our after-dinner or Saturday projects. The Gypsy Wagon is built on a farm wagon chassis and was used by the girls and their playmates during their single digit years. Making toys for the children led my wife and I to practice that craft and to participate in craft fairs and enjoy some success in that activity.

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imge I have been interested in Fire apparatus since childhood. For 50 years, I have made models of many antique and motorized pieces up to about 1960. The fire engine models photographed in this site are currently on display at the Maryland Fire Museum in Lutherville, just north of Baltimore.

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Living near the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal made me want to get to know it better. I decided to map it by hand. The twenty-two maps provided here are from the Fifth Edition (1977)of 'A Collection of Maps of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal'. Indexes are included. These maps were originally published in 1961. These maps are protected by copyright. Permission is granted for the downloading or printing of one copy for personal use. Further distribution or sale is prohibited.
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